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Welcome to new leaf letterpress... we make impressions.

Letterpress printing is unlike any other form of printing. A raised image is inked and pressed into paper with a great deal of pressure. So it's not just hype...letterpress really does make an impression. You can see and feel for yourself by requesting a free sample.

While we like to think we're one of the big guys, the fact is we're kind of small. But great things come in small packages (at least, that's what mom said). We're happy about our smaller size. It has the advantage of providing you personalized, individual attention for all of your letterpress projects. Plus we can print exactly the quantity you need, have a variety of really cool tree-free and eco-friendly papers, we can mix up an ink color to suit your mood and we actually touch each and every piece we print... and sometimes more than once.

So whether you're in the market for invitations, business cards, letterhead, personal stationery, note cards or a greeting card with just the right message, we're certain we have something to help you hit the mark. Afterall, we are in business to make impressions.

New to letterpress? Not sure where to start? Take a look around and never hesitate to ask questions. If you're in the neighborhood stop by one of the events listed below so you can touch the paper. We love letterpress, and we want you to love letterpress too.


newleafletterpress is a design studio and letterpress print shop located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We got our start in 1996 when artisan/owner, Steven Filler, made his first impression on a Vandercook Proofing Press and he's been hooked ever since. The rest is history but we're still making impressions in our workshop on a 1907 Chandler & Price platen press affectionately named Mrs. Gordon Boyle. [more...]

Why Letterpress?

Letterpress, the oldest form of printing ink on paper, is a form of relief printing dating back to China as early as the 2nd century. Letterpress was popularized during the renaissance when Gutenburg invented mechanical moveable type. He also printed printed a bible. The unique qualities of letterpress are unlike any other form of printing, and letterpress does make an impression. Let us make an impression for you. [more...]

Current Projects

We're in the studio working on new projects including our 2014 holiday card and stationery collection. More details coming soon.

Upcoming Events
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